Ice Cream Bike

We are all big kids at heart and everyone loves an ice cream as a treat! 

Our vintage ice cream bike hire is the perfect way to say thank you to your staff after a busy period, or have at a client event to serve up a sweet treat.   

Barbara (as our ice cream bike is affectionately known) is also great for promotional events and will leave people with a big warm fuzzy feeling about your company. 

With yummy cheshire farm ice cream and proper sugar cones, Barbara will be sure to convey the best impression for your brand and business.





Ice cream bike hire

Our minimum package starts at £295.00 and includes 60 pre tubed ice creams and 5 different flavours. £350.00 package includes 60 ice cream with cones or in a tub with 5 different flavours all toppings: syrups, sprinkles etc. Additional ice creams at £3.75 each



Additional Ice creams/guests






All prices will have VAT added at 20%.