Top tips on choosing your wedding day menu


As most brides and grooms know, trying to choose the menu for your wedding meal can soon turn into a headache. Weddings are usually attended by a wide age group; from Grandparents and elderly relatives to young nieces, nephews or friends’ children. Trying to choose something that will suit everybody whilst still having the wedding of your dreams can prove a difficult order to fill!

As specialist wedding caterers, we have catered for weddings of all shapes, sizes and styles. Here are some of our top tips on choosing a wedding day menu:

Sharing’s caring. Mezze style meals are becoming more and more popular as a catering option for weddings; not only allowing for a choice of food for the guests but also adding an informality to proceedings. If you are going to choose a mezze style starter, or indeed main course, try to stick along a certain theme of food – some of the themes we’ve recently done include Mediterranean, picnic classics and Itallian.

Think a bit differently. Weddings these days allow brides and grooms to be so much more creative than they ever could before, so don’t think that you have to stick to the standard format of a three course sit down meal. Try to align your catering to the style of the wedding – we recently did the wedding catering for a couple in Manchester who got married in a bar/club in the Northern Quarter. We barbequed burgers and lobsters in a section out side the building and served the food on platters in the main room – it went down a storm!

Take advice from experienced caterers. Due to the nature of catering for large numbers, there are some dishes that naturally work better for wedding catering. Any decent wedding caterer should be able to advice on the viability of dishes, and come up with an alternative solution that will work well and that you will be happy with.

Offer a short list. As long as you give your caterers plenty of notice about how many of each dish you will require on the big day, most will not mind offering a couple of choices for guests to choose from. This will require a bit more organisation on your part, as you will have to ask your guests well in advance and collect their responses. But with a bit of work, this can be a good solution as you can offer a ‘safe’ option to keep fussy eaters happy without feeling you have compromised on what you would really like.

Be realistic about budget. It is entirely understandable to want to keep costs down, but even if you won’t, your guests are likely to remember the food you serve them. If you scrimp on quality or quantity, it will usually become apparent. If you are struggling with keeping your budget to a reasonable level, consider doing away with canapes, or if you have a chocolate or other flavoured wedding cake, this could be served as dessert, saving you having to fork out twice.

Don’t get too hung up on dishes you like. It sounds silly, but when you speak to the majority of brides and grooms after their wedding, it’s likely that they didn’t get round to eating very much on the day, or else are so caught up in the emotion of everything that they cannot really recall eating! So by all means, choose options that you will enjoy, but if this is something that your guests are unlikely to enjoy, it may be best to go for a slightly safer option.

To discuss your wedding catering with us, or to obtain a quote, please contact our team. We have co-ordinated many different types and styles of wedding, and are happy to discuss your requirements.