Top tips for the perfect Christmas dinner


Often the biggest event most families will cater for the the year, getting the Christmas dinner right is high up on the list of priorities in the run up to the big day. Our chefs are well accustomed to catering for large numbers (our biggest wedding this year was for 250 guests!), so here are some top tips for the perfect traditional Christmas Dinner.

1. Get good quality meat. As the centrepiece of the Christmas dinner, make sure it’s good quality. Whether you choose turkey, goose, pork, or another alternative, getting the meat right will make the rest of the dinner easy.

2. Nice green veg. Overcooked, tasteless sprouts are most people’s worst nightmare. To make sure these don’t find their way onto your plate, why not cook your greens in advance and then place them into a large bowl of iced water. Then, whilst your meat is resting, reheat in a pan with a spoon of butter and a couple of tablespoons of water, et voila. Tasty, green veg.

3. Great gravy. If all else fails, a great gravy can disguise a multitude of sins. Our secret ingredients to make your gravy the talk of the dinner table are good quality red wine (not cooking wine) and redcurrant jelly. For added richness and shine, whisk in a couple of knobs of cold butter after the gravy has reached the boil. And make sure you make plenty so no one misses out.

4. Use a temperature probe. Good chefs very rarely guess when it comes to cooking a joint of meat perfectly. For the perfect, juicy but cooked through turkey, place the probe in the centre of the breast and the thickest part of the thigh. Once this reads a temperature of 75 degrees, the meat is ready and you can bring it out to rest for a good 10 – 15 minutes.

5. Don’t count the calories! A knob of butter here and there goes a long way to making everything taste that bit yummier. After all, it is Christmas!