Wedding Caterers Cheshire

Wedding Caterers Cheshire

Wedding Caterers Cheshire

We love a good wedding and we know that on such a special day, it’s important that everything is right. This includes food – and meeting the needs and requirements of our bride and groom clients, ensuring everything is tailored to perfectly suit the style and format of each couple’s unique and special day, is one of the things we do best as wedding caterers.

Cheshire is a beautiful setting for a wedding and we have catered for many different styles of weddings in differing venues across the county. From weddings on farms to weddings in tepees, village halls to marquees in fields, you name it, we have probably done it! This doesn’t mean your wedding won’t be unique – it just means we have the experience to make it work – even in sometimes challenging environments!

Wedding Catering – Tailored Specifically for You

With a wide range of menus to gain inspiration from but no set menus in sight, brides and grooms love the fact that each and every wedding we cater for is tailored exactly to each couple.

Whatever style it is you’re looking to create for your wedding day, we can help you achieve it. When you initially make an enquiry with us as your potential wedding caterers, we will try to get as much information from you as to your desired theme/style of wedding as possible. Some couples may have a set idea of the menu they’d like, whilst others are open to ideas and suggestions. If you are in the latter camp, as part of our consultation process with you, we will work alongside you, suggesting various options depending on the style of the rest of your wedding day. The options for wedding catering are virtually endless – that’s one of the reasons we love catering for weddings – no two ever end up being exactly the same!

There are many factors that come into the final choice of menu you make – from theme to budget, and not forgetting your personal likes and dislikes! Below we have outlines some of the most popular menu choices we offer as per different styles of wedding catering.

Canapes / Pre-meal Nibble Options

They may be quite a traditional option, but canapes are still incredibly popular at weddings. Due to their nature as bite sized nibbles, canapes need to pack a flavoursome punch. We have a tried and tested canape menu of favourites – take a look here – or we can come up with additional options. Canapes also need to look the part – we ensure ours are served up looking precise, uniform, and beautifully garnished and presented. We always make our canapes up freshly on the day – so no need to worry about soggy crostini or dry morsels of smoked salmon! Canapes usually form part of a wedding package to include a meal to follow, in which case we will simply extend the hours serving staff are required to work so your guests can be served canapes as they relax and chat.

Another pre-wedding breakfast options include sharing platters, such as charcuterie, olives and cheeses, which can be served on wooden boards and dotted around your venue. As serving staff don’t need to be accounted for, this can work out a cheaper option than canapes.

Alternatively, if you fancy something a bit different, many couples have gone for the option of hiring our vintage ice cream bike and having ice creams as a pre-dinner treat! Our serving staff will serve up scoops of delicious ice creams and toppings in tubs or cones for you and your guests, making a lovely fun treat. This is an especially nice idea if you’re having a summer wedding – who doesn’t like an ice cream in the afternoon on a summer’s day?

Informal Wedding Menu Options

If you’re looking for a relaxed style of dining, we can create a sharing style menu of tapas or mezze. These are our most popular wedding catering options at the moment, with couples and guests alike loving the flexibility of helping themselves to different meat, fish, veggie and side dishes without having to leave the comfort of their table.  An alternative sharing style menu is sharing roasts, which we have done a few times recently and has proven very popular. We simply roast off lovely joints of meat, or whole chicken, and serve to the table on boards alongside your favourite accompaniments – roast potatoes, charred veggies, crushed new potatoes, creamy mash, or whatever else you can come up with!

Another informal dining option includes barbeque – which we can serve ‘buffet’ style with freshly grilled meats, veggie options, burgers and hotdogs hot off the grill and plattered up alongside side options like salads and baked potatoes.

Another popular option at the moment is pizzas – we have two wood fired pizza ovens that we can bring along to your venue, fire up and cook pizzas in less than 60 seconds in. Guests can pick their own toppings for their own individual pizzas, or else we can just keep serving up pizzas with different toppings and have our staff walk round with them. It’s your choice!

Picnics are also perfectly suited to informal summer weddings.  Brides, grooms and guests love this quirky option of wooden picnic crates packed full of homemade tasty picnic treats. Imagine all your favourite summer picnic items – ploughman’s, sandwiches, salads, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, pork pie…all served in cutely wrapped boxes and jars.  

Traditional Wedding Menu Options

For something a bit more traditional, you could opt for a two or three course menu, portioned and served individually to each guest. But just because this is a more ‘traditional’ option, it doesn’t mean it has to be bland or boring! We’ve served up some stunning starters, main courses and desserts – from delicate, pretty plates like sea bream with thyme and lemon emulsion and red pepper drizzle to hearty ‘pub style’ grub such as pie, mushy peas and mash!   

Evening Food

Your choice of evening food will often be influenced by what you opt for in the daytime. This isn’t to say you’ll go for something on a similar theme – in fact often, people will choose the complete opposite to create a contrast and add another dimension to the day!

Our most popular evening menu choices are hot and cold buffets, which are a great crowd-pleaser, or pizzas served piping hot from our wood fired pizza oven.

If you wanted something more low key, we can set up cheese boards and savoury pie platters which guests can help themselves to throughout the evening.

If you have had your wedding breakfast relatively late on in the day, you may want a hot snack to be served late on in the evening. In the past we have served paninis, grilled cheese sandwiches and mini fish and chip cones, all of which have gone down a storm!

Wedding Venues – How we Work

Many dedicated wedding venues have their own preferred supplier list of wedding caterers. Although we have close relationships with a number of venues in Cheshire, it is the venue’s prerogative to make their own choice of catering suppliers and in the event we are not on a venue’s list, we will not usually be able to provide the catering (that being said, there have been exceptions to this rule in the past – so it is always worth asking!)

Other wedding venues in Cheshire are less prescriptive and allow any caterer to provide the food. These are often venues such as village halls, farms, and community halls.

Some Cheshire venues we have done catering at include:

  • The Hall at Marthall
  • Hilltop Farm
  • Dunham Village Hall
  • High Legh Village Hall
  • Bowden Village Hall
  • Tabley House

We have also done the catering for several weddings at private venues such as homes and private gardens. The wedding breakfast is often served up in a tipi or marquee – providing cover in the event of rain.  Wherever we are asked to do the catering we will always make every effort to work within the requirements of the specific venue. Whether this revolves around timings, access, or any other logistical arrangements, we’ll try to amend our plans as necessary. Cleanliness is also important and we will always clean the kitchen area where we have been working/leave it as we found it.

Wedding Set Up and Additional Requirements

Depending on the menu option you choose and the facilities available on site, we will set up for service accordingly. We can bring in ovens, grills and hot cupboards for cooking food (available at an additional charge). Whilst we will need a dedicated area from which to serve, we know that we’ll not always have lines of cooking space like we’re used to! We have served wedding food from some weird and wonderful locations – we’re pretty adaptable and will work with what is available on site. If possible, we will usually conduct a site visit ahead of the big day to ensure we have everything we need available. Any cooking equipment that is required to be hired will usually be delivered to the venue at least a day in advance.

Other additional items we can hire in on your behalf include table linen, glassware, crockery, cutlery and napkins. We will ask you whether you require these when discussing your wedding catering requirements, but it is worth bearing in mind. Although some companies offer free hire of items like glassware, these will need to be sent back clean. When hiring via us from our suppliers, items can be sent back dirty – saving you a long and boring job the day after your wedding!


In addition to food, Thyme Outside can also offer a full bar service to accompany wedding catering. We can set up a full bar – or alternatively, offer a small selection of drinks of your choice. In the past we have also created a small selection of cocktails especially for the bride and groom, to be served alongside beers, wines, spirits and fizz.

You can choose to operate your bar however you like – be that on a cash basis or as a ‘free bar’. For more information about our bar service, please get in touch with us and we can provide a quote for this alongside your food.

Talk to us about creating your bespoke wedding catering package today

Overall, we want to help you make your day as unique and individual as you are and we know the food can form a big part of that. In the end, it is our ability to be flexible and provide something truly unique that leads to many couples choosing us as their wedding caterers.

Cheshire is one of our favourite places to provide wedding catering and if you’re planning a wedding in the next 18 months, we’d love to hear from you and help you to start to piece together a perfect catering package.

Whilst we do have some bookings in the diary well ahead of time (sometimes 2 years in advance), it is always worth checking availability with us. We are often booked up on Saturdays throughout the summer but depending on your requirements, we can sometimes accommodate smaller weddings, or you may just be lucky and find a free date!

In terms of securing a date, when you make an initial enquiry, we will let you know our availability and if it’s free, put a provisional booking in our diary. If you wish to go ahead and secure this date, all we ask is for a deposit to be paid. This is usually done after you have decided on your menu and we have a quote in progress.

Contact Thyme Outside, Wedding Caterers Cheshire

If you’re interested in choosing us as your wedding caterers and would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your wedding day with us, we’d love to hear from you.  Our dedicated team would be happy to give you an idea of prices and can provide options to suit every budget. However, please do bear in mind that as every wedding is quoted for on a bespoke basis, we will be unable to give you a set price at the outset.

Please contact us here to start planning your wedding catering today.