Corporate Catering Manchester

Corporate Catering Manchester

Corporate Catering Manchester

Thyme Outside is an established food business specialising in corporate catering. Manchester based companies have trusted us to deliver their catering needs for many years and we are lucky enough to have many repeat customers in the local area.

Corporate catering comes in many forms – from lunch meeting to networking events, client functions to staff entertaining. The good news is that no matter what the event, Thyme Outside can work with you to create the perfect food menu.

Contact us about Corporate Catering

Manchester based businesses can enjoy free delivery on all of their catering orders. (Companies outside of a 10 mile radius of our kitchen may need to pay a small delivery charge).

To discuss your requirements with us further, please contact us here. Corporate customers can also register online and place and pay for their orders directly. Simply browse our menus to start.

Quality is a key ingredient to the catering we produce at Thyme Outside.  We always want to be proud to put our name to the food we send out to corporate catering clients, no matter how large or small the order.  Here are a few ways we ensure we always deliver the best quality catering to our corporate clients.


Although many elements come together to form the ideal corporate catering offering, taste always comes number one on our list! We’re self-confessed foodies and serving up second rate dishes isn’t something we believe in doing.  It may surprise you to learn that some caterers purchase items in externally in bulk and simply fry or cook these off before sending them out to clients. In the vast majority of cases, this is something we avoid at all costs – everything from sandwich fillers to sausage rolls are freshly made on site by our own team of chefs. We don’t do this for fun – it’s because we believe it tastes better. And if we’re putting our name to it, we want it to taste good!


Any food produced can only ever taste as good as the quality of the raw ingredients that go into it. As such, we always follow a ‘quality counts’ ethos when preparing corporate catering orders.

When it comes to sourcing ingredients, we always start local. Our meat is predominantly supplied by a local butcher, based up the road in Chorlton. The fruit and vegetable deliveries we receive on a daily basis are supplied directly from the produce market in Manchester Our artisan breads (used for our premium sandwiches) is sourced from a baker in Cumbria that is known for the quality of their own raw ingredients and baking processes. . Fish comes directly from Fleetwood, Blackpool. We are incredibly lucky in the North West to have an abundant supply of quality ingredients within a relatively short distance.

Over the years we have built up excellent relationships with our produce suppliers. They know that we expect the highest level of quality and we rarely have to raise query with any of the multiple deliveries we receive every day. Everything we accept on to site is quality checked before being placed into our ingredient stores. Although quality can come at a price, we try to keep our prices proportionate. If you’re looking for cheap, we’re probably not the right caterer for you! However, we do aim to provide the best quality food at a fair price.


All of the food ordered via Thyme Outside is produced at our large commercial kitchen based just outside Manchester in Heaton Mersey. As our own dedicated kitchen facility, we have everything set up to allow us to produce food to the highest of standards. This includes state of the art oven and kitchen equipment, extensive food preparation areas and direct access for our delivery vehicles. We also have extensive refrigeration space – allowing any food prepared to be stored in a hygienic environment until the point of delivery.

As you would expect, any food prepared on site meets the strictest of criteria for food hygiene. Allergen information is available upon request for any of the dishes prepared by Thyme Outside.


When it comes to delivery, all of our delivery vans are refrigerated, again meaning corporate catering orders can be kept chilled until the point of arriving at your required address. We currently have 3 delivery vehicles, allowing us to plan our routes to corporate clients effectively, therefore allowing more accurate time slots to be met and more customers to be serviced.

Our friendly and amenable delivery staff will bring your catering order on site, place it in the room as required and ensure everything is unloaded and the room left tidy before leaving.


The majority of the food we produce at Thyme Outside is for corporate organisations so as such, we know what is important to business customers.

We strive to offer the best possible service to business customers looking for catering. We know that placing an order with a caterer, especially for a large event, is important and that you will want everything to be right on the day of your event. We will work with you to help you make the ideal menu selections and fine tune the details of your event catering. On the day itself, we will make every effort to deliver your catering within your specified timeslot, helping to set up the food on our arrival if required.

Unlike other caterers, we try to deliver your food just before it is required so it isn’t left around your office for hours beforehand, after which it might start to lose its freshness.

Another benefit of using Thyme Outside over other corporate caterers is the way we present our food. If you have ordered sandwich platters from other caterers these might have arrived in plastic trays. In our opinion, this doesn’t show food off in a good light. We will always present food – be that bacon sandwiches right through to hot meals – on proper plates and platters, and always garnished nicely. Although only small touches, we find they make all the difference and it’s something our clients rave about.

As an independently owned business, Thyme Outside has a relatively small workforce. The majority of our employees have been with us for a number of years and as such, you can expect consistency across your corporate catering orders. Another benefit of this is if you have certain requirements/likes/dislikes in your corporate catering. As the same people will be managing your order and preparing your food week in week out, we will quickly learn about any of these and will ensure they are built into your order each and every time.  


Due to its nature of being prepared for sometimes big numbers, and often with the need to please a variety of different tastes, corporate catering can sometimes carry the risk of being boring. If you’re unsure about what your guests will like, it can be tempting to air on the side of caution and go with ‘safe’ choices. If this is what you prefer to do, that is absolutely fine and we’re very happy to provide plain sandwich platters and other straightforward choices. However, we don’t like to think of corporate catering as having to be restricted in choice. We can still provide ‘crowd-pleaser’ options that are a little bit different – instead of just sandwiches, why not swap in some lovely fresh salads? Or rather than crisps, how about some marinated chicken skewers or our legendary homemade sausage rolls? Choice and variety is the spice of life and that’s never more true than when it comes to food!


As well as all of the above, Thyme Outside offer a great deal of flexibility to our clients. Unlike many corporate caterers who have a choice of only a few menus and options, we prefer to be less prescriptive. Although we do have some set menu options, designed for ease and speed of ordering, we also have ‘a la carte’ style corporate catering menus so you can build your own buffet to suit your exact requirements.

In addition, we often work with clients to provide something that is completely tailored to their event. If you had something in mind for your corporate event but cannot locate it on any of our menus, all you need do is ask us! In the majority of cases, our chefs will be able to create something for you.

Another added service we can offer if required is serving staff. If your event is a large one or if you want to make a particularly good impression, it may be that you want to hire in some of our staff to help serve the catering you’ve ordered. This is something we can offer (additional cost required) and our staff will arrive at a set time, helping to set up, serve and tidy away the food. Depending on your numbers and the food you require, we can also provide on-site chefs on the day (particularly popular where hot food is being ordered).  

Not just lunch…

Although we receive the majority of catering orders for lunches, we are just as well equipped to cater for other meals and occasions.

Breakfast Corporate Catering

Breakfast meetings are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces – whether for client meetings, staff meetings or other purposes, such as networking events. We offer an excellent corporate breakfast catering menus – with choices ranging from bacon, sausage and vegetarian hot rolls through to more ‘health conscious’ options including overnight oats, fruit and granola and fresh fruit skewers. Depending on your numbers and your choice of food, we can provide chefs to prepare hot food on site and / or serving staff to assist.

Evening Event Corporate Catering

At Thyme Outside, service doesn’t stop at lunchtime!

Evenings are a popular time for corporate functions and we can offer any of our corporate menus into the evening.

Thyme Outside have an extensive array of food options for evening corporate entertaining, including everything from canapes right through to three course evening meals.

An option that’s proving very popular with corporate clients of late is pizzas and Thyme Outside are fully set up to offer wood fired pizzas at corporate events. Included in our pizza package is hire of or wood fired pizza oven and two chefs. Whether you want us to make up pizzas to be served buffet style or individual pizzas made to order, it’s your choice. Many clients will also choose a selection of salads and sides to be served alongside their wood fired pizzas and don’t worry about dietary requirements – we can provide gluten free pizza bases if required.

In the past we have also provided food in different one-off forms – including corporate branded cupcakes for a ladies event, afternoon tea platters for client entertaining and cheese boards/savoury platters to be served alongside wine at corporate wine tasting events.  There’s very little that we wouldn’t be able to do and we love a challenge. So go ahead and challenge us!

Clients and testimonials for corporate catering

As the above information demonstrates, there are many different options available from Thyme Outside Corporate Catering. Manchester businesses, along with those in the wider North West area, are an important source of work for us and we always aim to go above and beyond expectations.

It is for this reason that many of our clients have used our services for years. We tend to find that once a client has used us for an event, and experienced the quality and taste difference we provide over other caterers they may have previously used, they’ll return to us many times over. We are the caterer of choice for many large organisations in the area, along with being used by a number of smaller, independent businesses as and when they need us.

A few recent corporate catering testimonials include…

“Thanks for another set of brilliant buffets! We always receive great comments about the food you provide for our events – so thank you!”

“Lovely buffet today – the salads flew out! We’ll have to order more next time so there’s some left for us staff! What we did get to sample was delicious :)”

“Just a quick note to say how well the food went down last night. All of the options seemed to be enjoyed and lots of people I spoke to passed comment on how tasty the food was. The delivery driver was also really helpful and stayed to see that everything was set up before he left – very impressed!”

“It’s always a bit of a risk using a new caterer for an event but I’m pleased to say that everyone was delighted with the food from yesterday’s order. We’ll be using you again for future catering requirements.”

Contact Thyme Outside to discuss your corporate catering requirements

We know that there are several caterers out there to choose from when it comes to ordering corporate catering and we’re always delighted when clients choose us.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our corporate catering services, please contact us. If you have a regular need to place catering orders, we can arrange a meeting at your convenience to discuss your requirements.

Many clients like to take us up on our offer of a free sample buffet for three people before deciding to go ahead and place an order with us. If you would like to arrange this, please contact us here.